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Weather Watch

January 29, 2009

Weather Watch


On Sunday an arctic high pressure area dipped southward to Virginia, while another arctic covered the northern Great Plains and upper Midwest, with a high of 1 degree at Glasgow, Montana, 1 below zero at International Falls and 8 degrees at Minneapolis.

Bitterly cold and extremely dry air was in place during the morning in our area, and the low was 10 degrees below zero at our weather station in Otego. Skies were sunny all morning, then high cloudiness took over in the early afternoon; highs in the upper teens.

On the southern fringe of the arctic high centered over the Dakotas on Monday, milder air well ahead of a storm system in western Colorado, lifted up and over the very cold air at the surface.

This combination led to a major ice storm from the Texas Panhandle through Oklahoma, northern Arkansas, southern Missouri, western Kentucky, and southern Illinois. It was no coincidence that in Otsego County it was the first completely sunny day since New Year’s Day. With extremely dry air and light winds, the low was 10 below zero for the second day at our weather station in Otego, then a high of 20 degrees. Mark Hanok is an Otegobased meteorologist.

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Weather Watch
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  • Weather Watch It’s really uncanny how the very dry weather pattern has continued in this area despite the succession of major storms that have moved to the west and south.

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  • Weather Watch Now that north has become a synonym for sunshine and south has become a synonym for rain, there’s no way that this extremely dry weather pattern can change at least for the next four weeks.

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  • Weather Watch On Friday a major storm will move to the Ohio Valley, while high pressure builds southward from eastern Canada. Skies will be partly sunny with highs from 55 to 60 degrees.

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  • Weather Watch When it’s warmer to the north and cooler to the south, it’s so easy to get into an extremely dry weather pattern in Otsego County. The weather forecast in last week’s weather column was more optimistic than other local weather forecasts, but the weather was actually much better than even we predicted.

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  • Weather Watch The jet stream will shift southward this week and a series of low pressure systems will move well to our south.

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  • Weather Watch Exactly as we predicted at the beginning of the month, it was one of the driest Februaries on record in Otsego County and throughout most of central and eastern New York. Thanks to the extreme upside-down temperature pattern with much warmer weather in Montana than in Georgia, and strong winds on Monday and Tuesday, an extremely dry weather pattern will be the theme for at least the next two to three weeks.

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  • Weather Watch Exactly as we’ve been predicting for the past month, this is turning out to be an exceptionally dry February - one of the driest on record in central and eastern New York.

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