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April 30, 2009

Weather watch


The Susquehanna River level will be unusually low for the General Clinton Canoe Regatta during Memorial Day weekend.

April has been a sunny month and the sun is high in the sky with a high evaporation rate this time of year. This combined with the record-breaking high temperatures early this week, and the river level could actually be one of the lowest on record by late May - unless we are lucky enough to get significant rainfall.

That would require a complete change in the weather pattern and is not likely.

As low pressure moves to our west on Friday, warmer air will return, along with variable cloudiness, some sunshine, and a few showers.

Highs will be in the low 70s.

On Saturday, a cold front will slide south of our region, and after the chance of a shower early in the morning skies will become partly sunny with a cooler northwest flow, but highs in the mid-60’s will still be a few degrees warmer than normal.

The front will move well to the south on Sunday and mild, dry air will take over with partly to mostly sunny skies and highs in the low 60’s.

As showers stay to the south, look for another partly sunny day on Monday and Tuesday with highs from 60 to 65 degrees.

Mark Hanok is an Otegobased meteorologist.