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February 13, 2009

When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough Don't Skimp on Their Ad Budgets


All forms of media can be successful even in a recession, although the impact of digital marketing might be easier to quantify and therefore able to withstand the close scrutiny of senior executives demanding justification for any spending while their operations are under recessionary pressures, says Lodish.

Fader points out that direct marketing and other kinds of interactive communications might be valuable but do not yet deliver easily quantifiable results. "Unfortunately, the industry is still in its early infancy. A lot of people talk about what we are capable of doing in measurability, but no one has established the gold standard yet. Maybe this forthcoming recession will be the chance to catalyze that and make it happen."

The current recession will offer an opportunity for marketers to provide integrated campaigns meshing traditional and digital media. Fader says that in the last downturn, in 2001, digital marketers were operating out of separate agencies, but today marketers are able to construct fully integrated campaigns. "We have been talking about integration for years, but it's been a much slower process" than expected. "I'm not sure the recession will accelerate that integration, but those who are well-integrated will start to see some of the benefits."

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