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August 15, 2013

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Constitution Pipeline not too far away 

The Constitution Pipeline is the aorta of natural gas in our area. It will secure this region for future fracking.

It’s not hard to figure. All frack sites are interconnected with more pipelines, which get connected to larger ones. Ross Well No. 1, a test well, sits on Crumhorn Mountain. Is that close enough for Cooperstown? All reports from Gastem indicated gas from Marcellus and Utica formations was present and better than anticipated. If you think the Con. Pipeline is far enough away from Cooperstown, you had better look to Pennsylvania.   

I can easily envision the valley along state Route 28, speckled with gas rigs — 6 million gallons a day to frack a well. The Susquehanna River will be a small stream when it reaches Oneonta. Pipelines make it all happen.

Barbara Loeffler


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