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July 3, 2013

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If one is a village resident, the seasonal $25 parking fee is a cheap price to pay for hundreds of thousands of dollars in street improvements. Same for nonresidents. Do village residents and out-of-villagers see a $25 fee as an unreasonable burden when we will all get much better streets as a result of paid parking? All of us can buy a $25 season pass. Even if the village were to sell 2,000 passes, which seems unlikely, that would generate only $50,000 of the $250,000 plus projected revenue from paid parking this year. So, by supporting and encouraging paid parking, we will gain far more than we will spend.

We need better streets. If we do not generate the required money from paid parking, the money will necessarily come from higher taxes. Alternatively, we could choose not to increase taxes and continue to live with poorly maintained streets.

Maybe the dissatisfied merchants could develop and fund a local education program that promotes the benefits that everyone — locals and visitors — will realize from paid parking. Why not encourage people to support paid parking because of the benefits that we will gain?

Another thought, would merchants perhaps benefit more by subsidizing parking passes for their customers rather than by subsidizing lawyers?

Our guess is that the only winners in the recently filed lawsuit will be the lawyers — no surprise!

Bill Miller


Steve Mahlum


Thank you village trustees

This is a long overdue expression of thanks for the village mayor and trustees. Thank you for addressing the critical issues facing our village and implementing action plans to raise significant revenues to work toward solutions. Thank you too for keeping us well aware of issues that directly impact us through the new village website enhancement, public speaking opportunities at each trustee meeting, hosting public forums, newsletters and general discussions. As a resident I believe it’s my inherent responsibility to extend my own effort to be a participatory citizen and part of a larger team to support our elected representatives who lead without any financial reimbursement and contribute hundreds of hours keeping our village viable ... often without any recognition.

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