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February 27, 2014


Inn never claimed lane ownership

I feel there’s a need to correct the article in the Feb. 14 Cooperstown Crier regarding the new Fenimore Lane.

The article states, “The Inn at Cooperstown claimed ownership of the road.” This is untrue. The Inn at Cooperstown has never claimed they owned the alley. The alley heads west from Chestnut Street goes up a slight rise and turns north. It comes to a dead end behind 6 Chestnut St. It is absolutely ridiculous for us to think we would own the whole alley. I’m not sure where this information originated from, but it is false.

Here’s a brief history lesson on the alley. We purchased the Inn at Cooperstown in May 2003. I approached the village DPW around October/November 2003 and asked who plowed the alley. I was told from the village, the alley was not theirs, not on their list of streets, and it was our responsibility to plow and maintain it. I didn’t think much about it as the Inn had been plowing and maintaining the alley since 1986. The Inn even paved a large portion of it. Prior to the Inn taking over plowing and maintenance, Smith Ford plowed and maintained it for 20+ years. The village had no interest in ownership of the alley until JGB wanted to build six homes off the alley. That’s when the village started saying they owned the alley. Since then, JGB decided it’s impractical to build six homes off the alley. We now look forward to the village owning the alley and finally maintaining it. It only took 50+ years and several thousands of dollars to reach this conclusion.

Marc Kingsley


FOMA officials express thanks

On Jan. 31, the Cooperstown community came together on Cabaret Night to raise over $2,500 to support music and arts education in our school district.

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