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November 8, 2012

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Let’s thank our mayor

and village board

Kudos to Mayor Jeff Katz and the board of trustees for revisiting the possibility of using paid parking to raise the funds necessary to keep our village streets in good condition. I was on the board of trustees when the idea of paid parking was first introduced and it was met with contentious opposition.

Let’s hope that the intervening years and a new board can soften the opposition to paid parking and show the wisdom of using this means of raising the necessary funds.   

I also commend the board for taking up the cause of villagers who have to adhere to the two-hour parking law in front of their own homes. This has always been a bone of contention with me and over the 56 years that I have lived in my house, I have had to pay innumerable tickets for not moving my car in time. Each time I paid the ticket, I have grumbled and stated that I would be happy to pay for a permit giving me the privilege of parking in front of my own home. And now the mayor and the board of trustees have come up with a plan to do just that. 

I sincerely hope they are successful in both ventures and thank them for their time and effort in addressing these and all the other problems involved in keeping Cooperstown up and running. The average citizen of our village has no idea of how much time and effort this involves. Having “been there, done that, I know what it means.   

If you meet up with Jeff Katz or any member of our board of trustees, take the time to give him/her a handshake and a big thank you for all that they do for us. It would be nice to get some positive feedback amongst all of the negatives that they usually hear. 

Grace Kull


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