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January 9, 2014

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What is best for Manor?

My mom has been a resident of Otsego Manor for nearly five years. She is receiving the most wonderful care by the staff in a clean environment. As the date on choosing a new owner approaches for a final decision to be made, I want the best for my mom, the other residents and the staff. It is obvious to me, after researching the two finalists, that four star VestraCare should become the new owner over one star Focus/Utica.

VestraCare owns two nursing homes: Susquehanna Nursing and Rehab Center LLC with a four-star rating and Golden Hills Health Care Center with a five-star rating.

Focus owns one nursing home: Focus Rehabilitation and Nursing Center at Utica with a one-star rating.

Since VestraCare owns two nursing homes with a four- and five-star rating and Focus owns one nursing home with a one-star rating, it only makes “common sense” that VestraCare should be the new owner of Otsego Manor.

If Focus has only a one-star rating, how would they be able to handle owning a second nursing home?

What is best for the Otsego Manor residents and staff? The answer is simple, VestraCare.

Rena Lull


Beware of Manor bidder

Otsego Manor watchers beware! There is only one clear choice for purchase of the Manor: VestraCare, which operates not only the Susquehanna Nursing and Rehab Center in Johnson City but the Golden Hills Nursing Home in Kingston. Both of these facilities, according to, have far superior ratings when compared to the Focus Rehabilitation and Nursing Center in Utica. Of a possible five stars for overall rating by, Focus only receives one star while the two owned by VestraCare receive four and five stars for overall performance. At the Focus facility, there are various and often serious repeat deficiencies.

The Manor we know is so clean throughout the living areas, comfortable and homelike, and the workers are kind, diligent and caring. Two CNAs spent the night with my mother as she was dying.

To keep the Manor we know and love, there is but one choice: VestraCare!

Nancy Goodnough


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