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March 20, 2014


Critics wrong about mayor, trustees

Having been a trustee for Cooperstown for six years, I know firsthand what it takes to keep the village on an even keel. The parking situation is only one part of many that the mayor and trustees have to oversee. There are the Water and Sewer Departments, the water shed supervisor, three zoning boards, the Board of Appeals, the Planning Board, and the Historical Preservation and Architectural Review Board, as well as committees for trees, Doubleday Field, the trolley, the library, streets and buildings and public safety, which includes the police department and fire company, just to name a few, as well as a $5 million plus budget to go over line by line every year to see how taxes can be kept down. 

 By the way, only $1,779,194 was raised in taxes toward the bottom line of the current budget. Where does the rest of the money come from? Paid parking helps. They also write grants to secure money to help with all the expenses incurred in the business of running our government. All of this is accomplished by the mayor, six trustees and many volunteers who give of their time and expertise.

So it was with dismay that I read the vitriol spewed out recently by some people on Facebook, many of whom don’t even live in Cooperstown. They have the right to express their views, that’s the American way, but intelligent people disagree in a respectful manner. They were critical and insulting to the mayor, but I didn’t see any one step up to run for the job. 

Where are all the people who think they could do it better? Mayor Katz is running unopposed. What if he decided that he had had enough of the insults and carping and wasn’t going to run again? Cooperstown would be in a sorry mess.

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