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July 3, 2012

Your Opinion: June 28, 2012

We’re all tourists sometimes

Each fall my friend from Florida reminds me of the Northeasterners (many from the greater Cooperstown area) who will be ““invading” their small Florida community for the winter/spring. He finds it very amusing, as he keeps in contact with Cooperstown comings and goings, that often times Cooperstown area residents complain about the influx of visitors to our small community. He points out  the similarities in attitudesand willingly, of course, shares them.

This helps to remind me to remember that we all are tourists more times than we might realize. Very simply put, a tourist is defined as someone who visits places away from their residence to take advantage of a particular service or benefit that is not available in their home community, and, in most cases, spends money. Home community is where one resides and pays taxes. A tourist, in this instance, is a Cooperstown resident shopping in Oneonta, visiting Albany for a cultural experience, spending a few days in the Adirondacks and so on. It works in reverse too. People not residing in the village of Cooperstown coming here to shop, get gas for their auto and eat a meal can be considered a tourist.

My friend does admit that these seasonal visitors/seasonal residents contribute, in a huge way, to the economic health of the community. This is a similarity that we, village residents, often hear as well.

My friend and I talk about this and concur that life is indeed trade offs. Tourists/visitors spend money to keep our communities robust, employ people, keep Main Streets, robust, contributes generous sales tax revenue, provides businesses/attractions we might not otherwise be able to afford and maintain, to suggest a few. In return we deal with some inconveniences for sure, but adapt a bit differently for a couple months and survive just fine.

I’m appreciative of this annual reminder. Life is good in Cooperstown!

Rich McCaffery


Welcome, Dreams Park

Yes, the Dreams Park is open, and we are glad! At Portabello’s, in Fly Creek, we welcome our annual influx. Established in 2002, we enjoy the excitement of the busy four corners of Fly Creek while visitors from all over stop in to enjoy the food and ambiance.

Open for lunch every day except Friday, and dinner seven days a week, the Kantors welcome family after family.

For a clerk to say that visitors are loud and rude is a sad commentary. It’s amazing how quiet an empty restaurant is. Personally, I prefer the volume of a full restaurant. Sports, music, and good food all converge at the four corners in Fly Creek.

It’s not that our visitors don’t obey traffic laws, but they are busy staring at the sights. So, if a visitor has a camera around their neck, or are gazing upward, share in their appreciation of the life we often take for granted, and look out for them. See Cooperstown through the eyes of the tourist, and take the time to welcome them to your home town.

Our visitors, coming out of these past years of tough economic times, must spend wisely.

Provide quality products, give value for their hard earned dollars, and they will be appreciative.

We do exist so that kids can come and fulfill their dream of coming to Cooperstown. Their families work all year round to encourage developing athletes, as well as to raise the needed funds to make it all happen.

There is no terror in tourists.

Terror would be the World’s Most Perfect Village bereft of visitors.

Whether you like baseball or not, remember that Cooperstown represents the home of baseball and the American way of life.

Celebrate it and appreciate those who come to pay homage at the shrine of Babe Ruth.

Deborah Kantor

Owner/Operator Portabello’s

Fly Creek