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September 26, 2013

Writer running for Highway Superintendent


Cooperstown Crier

---- — Writer running for Highway Superintendent

I am running as an independent under the “Safe Highways” party for Town of Otsego Highway Superintendent.

I have worked in the department as a crew member for 4 years and was appointed by the Town Board as superintendent for one year. During that time, I managed the department through one of the worst floods in recent history. I quickly restored our roads to safety and later recouped all of the expenses.

Growing up on our family farm in Fly Creek has given me the love and respect for our land. Working as a crew member, as well as driving bus for the Cooperstown schools and dispatching for the Otsego County Office of Emergency Services, has made me appreciate the need for safe roads. We need to look at trouble spots, such as places that flood every year, and find long term cost-effective solutions.

As elected Superintendent, I look forward to managing a crew that will keep our roads clear, safe, and within budget.

Bryan Pernat

Fly Creek