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October 3, 2013

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Moreover, a recent Harvard study of more than 120,000 people confirmed once again that meat consumption raises mortality from cancer and cardiovascular diseases. Animal agriculture accounts for more water pollution than all other human activities. A 2011 United Nations report recommends eating less meat to reduce greenhouse gases.

The good news is that our meat consumption has been dropping by nearly 4 percent annually! Entering live vegan in a search engine brings lots of useful transition tips.

Calvin Tillamayo

Fort Plain

Bryan Pernat for Town of Otsego Highway Superintendent

Remember that name because you won’t see it under a major party line. Bryan will be running on the Safe Highways Independent line. He has the experience and temperament to manage a highway department and keep our roads safe.

Bryan worked for the Highway Department for five years and was appointed by the Town Board as Highway Superintendent to fill out a term when the former Highway Superintendent retired. He has driven school bus for Cooperstown Schools so he knows that the plows need to be on the road in plenty of time for safe travel. Being a farmer, he knows that people do not just work Monday to Friday and that our roads need to be passable at all times. Having also worked for the Office of Emergency Services he knows that emergencies can happen at any time and our roads must be ready for travel.

Bryan’s experience and lifelong commitment to the Town of Otsego are assets that cannot be overlooked. You won’t find a more dedicated, hardworking individual for the position. It’s time to distance ourselves from the party politics and look at the individuals. Bryan has my vote and I hope he will have yours too.

Meg Kiernan

Fly Creek

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