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March 24, 2011

Your Opinion: March 24, 2011


The voters have spoken. By an overwhelming margin they have voted in a group of four trustees with diversified strengths and a willingness to see all sides of issues and vote independently on them.

Ellen Tillapaugh, Jeff Katz, Walter Franck and Jim Dean were the winners of the election, but the real winners are the citizens of Cooperstown. We can now look forward to an era of enlightenment and common sense in our governing body.

Congratulations and the best of luck to our newly elected officials.

Grace Kull


Thanks for support

We are very grateful that you elected us to represent you as trustees of our village. We have great respect for the others who sought that responsibility, and feel particularly accountable given the difficult choices many of you had to make.

We commit ourselves to representing you and your interests to the very best of our abilities, and to work in collegiality with our mayor, the other members of the village board, and all the other talented individuals who provide their efforts in making Cooperstown the best place it can possibly be.

We’re ready to get to work! Thank you for the opportunity.

James Dean,

Walter Franck,

Jeff Katz

Ellen Tillapaugh

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