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January 24, 2013

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I am going to propose at the Jan. 28 trustee meeting that paid parking on Pioneer Street be extended to the northern boundary of the business district (middle of the block). That will leave the residences unaffected, and any discussion of the 15 minute slots, a separate issue.

I would like to point out that 30 years ago my husband and I bought our house at 80 Beaver St. where I have my business, Tillapaugh Art Conservation. It is the only business I own, operate and from which I receive “family” income. If I were interested in a financial benefit, as has been suggested, I would spend my time working in my studio as opposed to serving as an unpaid trustee.

Ellen Tillapaugh

Village trustee

Writer questions

gasoline prices

Recently a letter by Jim Tallman got my attention along with probably several hundred others concerning the overpricing of gasoline in Otsego County. As I drive around between Cooperstown and Oneonta observing the prices, I can’t help wondering how these companies justify their prices. As in Jim’s letter, he was told it cost more to haul the liquid gold to Cooperstown.

So, I got my trusty calculator out and did some figuring. I figured hauling the fuel 60 to 75 miles from the terminal takes 15 to 18 gallons of fuel for the truck. At $4 per gallon that comes out to $60 to $75 for fuel. Hauling 9,500 gallons of fuel at once and having the price at pump 20 cents more per gallon equals $1,900 more per truckload. Now we take $1,900 minus the $75 in fuel for truck and they gross about $1,825 more per truckload. Now that’s not bad extra money to have to haul to Cooperstown.

So my question to them is, is it really the truth about costing more to bring gasoline to Cooperstown and Oneonta? Does anyone think greed has anything to do with it? I for one believe it does. Does anyone besides me believe the Price Chopper gimmick adds anything to the price per gallon? Something to ponder.

David K. Pierce


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