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May 1, 2014


Cooperstown Crier

---- — Tax days get worse every year

Income-tax time gets worse every year, especially when you see out hard-earned money wasted by Washington! After I paid my income taxes last week, I worked over the number, not the way an accountant does, but rather with a historic perspective.

My first job after graduating with a degree in electrical engineering was in technical marketing with the General Electric Company. GE paid me a good salary. Over a 50-year career, I worked for one other corporation and five universities and then started my own small company. Like many people I know, I worked hard. Now here’s the rub. My total income taxes this year are more than 20 times more than that first year I worked for GE.

The harder you work, the greater the share the government takes from you. I guess I should have gone fishing more often and climbed more mountains.

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Vote for Library Proposition

On May 20, we will be asked to vote on approval of the Cooperstown Central School budget. This year there will be a second separate proposition to be voted upon. The vote to approve funding for the Village Library of Cooperstown and the Kinney Memorial Library of Hartwick is somewhat confusing. In the past, the towns of Middlefield and Otsego, the village of Cooperstown and CCS have been the primary fund providers for the Cooperstown Village Library. The town of Hartwick has provided most of the financial support for the Kinney Memorial Library. Based on this proposition, the service area for the two libraries will be primarily the same as the geographical boundaries of the school district. This does not mean that the libraries are becoming part of the school system. They will both remain as independent, municipal libraries. It does mean that a new tax will be created and that the school district will be given the task of collecting that tax. In fact, very few new dollars are being requested. The support that is presently coming from the towns, the village and CCS will no longer be needed resulting in a tax savings for those entities. The end result of this proposition is a more equitable distribution of support and a more stable funding source for both libraries.

I ask for your support for the Library Proposition on May 20.

Tom Selover

Member, Cooperstown Village Library Board of Directors

Chamber says thanks

We would like to take this opportunity to say a heartfelt ‘Thank you for all your help in making this year’s Annual Easter Parade and Tea Party a huge success, we couldn’t have done it without you! Thank you to all our volunteers for all your immense enthusiasm in Cooperstown to keep the traditions of our community alive as we all work together!

Many thanks to the Cooperstown Fire Department and Cooperstown Police Department, David Lamb and Stretch, the Tunnicliff Inn staff, Tom the Madhatter, Amy and Kass, Mike Davis, Kelly and Meghan, and Claire and the Leo’s Club. Special thanks to Mary Kuhn, Andrew and Cheryl Rock, Erin, Julie, Tara, Tess and Lincoln. Thank you to our generous and committed sponsors: The Minnie Marsh Foundation, Otesaga Resort & Hotel, Bieritz Insurance Co. and Mohican Flowers. A special thank you to the Lions Club to whom we sincerely apologize for omitting them in last week’s media article.

Thank you all!

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Visitor Services Manager

Patricia Szarpa

Executive Director

Cooperstown Chamber of Commerce