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May 29, 2014


Angel Network gives thanks

The Angel Network of Cooperstown would like to thank all of our sponsors and runners for this past weekend’s Tot Trot and Fenimore5K to benefit the families in need in the Cooperstown school district. Please visit us soon on Facebook.

Thank you again.

Joan Kegelman,

Angel Network of Cooperstown


ADHD, Alzheimers on rise

Two trends that all of us should be aware of that are well documented are the growing number of US children now being diagnosed with ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) and the expanding number of US elderly being treated for dementia/Alzheimers. Recent research gives us insight into possible reasons for this and the two misfortunes may be related in causal base.

It appears from what is now known, that over-stimulation has an effect of speeding up the diminishing of brain size, which is more acutely present in both ADHD and Alzheimer’s/ dementia. It is also being discovered that sensory deprivation reduces the speed of brain loss which occurs naturally, but slowly after about age fifteen.

More research is needed, but it would be wise, from what we now know about the human mind and its carrying load, to spend more time away from the many exhilarating offerings of our high-tech, fast-moving age. Moderation would appear to be the needed balm to keep our brains from diminishing too rapidly. Setting limits on how much time we and our children spend in front of the TV, computer, iPad, videogames and other stimulating things would be a wise undertaking. Moments of quiet reflection, walks in parks or the woods, day dreaming, bird watching, naps, with, of course, a healthy low sugar diet and exercise can help diminish this growing problem in both young and old and give our wonderful brain a “time out” to calm down.

Timothy Hume Behrendt, 

Minister/Health Counselor

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