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February 23, 2012

Your Opinion: February 23, 2012

Demonstrate your support

Those running for public office in the village of Cooperstown on Tuesday, March 20, deserve our applause and respect. They contribute their time and effort because they love their historic village and know Cooperstown deserves good stewardship as it moves through time. Coming out to cast your vote will show your appreciation for those running and the voting process itself.

I have known James Dean for over 25 years. You may have seen us locally having spirited discussions from time to time. We will exhaust issues examining their facets until the best solution emerges.

James voices his positions with unambiguous clarity and acute insights. Those qualities are a great help when trying to move an issue along to conclusion.

Jeff Katz I have known for less time. In that time it has become clear that he has an unparalleled depth of knowledge about the workings of Cooperstown government. I also admire him for his ability to articulate all sides of an issue. In discussions, he will actually state that he is taking a devil’s advocate position to elicit responses to it. It is healthy to be challenged this way in the decision making process.

Cindy Falk I know only a short time. She comes with impressive skills such as teaching at the Cooperstown Graduate Program in History Museum Studies. Her preservation knowledge serves her well on the Cooperstown Planning Board and Cooperstown Historic Preservation and Architectural Review Board. Those skills will continue to serve Cooperstown as a village trustee by providing a keen mind and long-term historic context to the decisions that affect Cooperstown.

I urge you to take a small amount of time to come out and vote on Tuesday, March 20, to demonstrate your support for these committed citizens.

John Kosmer

Otsego County Representative,

District 8, Fly Creek

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