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September 5, 2013

Our Readers' Opninions

Cooperstown Crier

---- — Cocktail party provided great experience 

This past Friday (Aug. 23) I had the honor of being a guest expert for Cooperstown Farmers’ Market’s Local Foods, Local Spirits Cocktail Party.   

Guest Expert was really a pretty cushy job, since my role was to eat, drink and encourage discussion about the value of local foods and the businesses that make them — which is one of my favorite topics anyway. I also got a cool apron with the image of one of the great food paintings from local artist Kathy Minnig. The event was fantastic. The food and the beers, wines and liquors that went with them were amazing — all from within 50 miles of Cooperstown.

The event was held at Templeton Hall. The vendors from the Cooperstown Farmers’ Market and other friends of the market provided the meats, cheeses, produce, breads and other great, local ingredients. Then Lucy Townsend created an amazing array of small plate dishes to fill four food and beverage stations. 

It started with a cheese and charcuterie table with a selection of artisanal cheeses, cured meats, breads, savory pastries and condiments. I probably could have spent the whole evening there, mixing and matching among them and the selection of beers and wines at the table for pairing. KyMar Farm Distillery was also pouring their Mapple Jack liqueur, which works very well with sharp cheese.

The next station was focused on vegetables, from a greens salad to veggie spreads to a chilled cucumber soup. The presentation and freshness of these local seasonal creations was fantastic and were again accompanied by a selection of wines and beers, tending toward crisp white wines and lighter brews.

The next table was a cluster of meat dishes spanning the back wall. Local fish, beef, duck and venison were all on display in beautiful and tasty bite sized dishes. The duck with bacon jelly was brilliant. The meat dishes paired nicely with the dry red wines and heartier beers on the table.

Last on the food tour was the dessert station. Options ranged from simple and sweet melon to a peach basil tart that was my wife’s favorite thing (which is impressive since it didn’t involve chocolate). Tiny waffles with maple cream were another tasty morsel. New York definitely does sweet wines well, so there was a range of dessert-like beverages. I had never had Magpie Farms Mead before. It was a standout and something I should be drinking more often.

At the bar were local gin and vodka as well. The entire event was a testament to how much great food and drink is available in our region. All proceeds from the event are going into sustaining and improving the Cooperstown Farmers’ Market. Lyn Weir did an amazing job organizing this event and I can’t wait to participate in the second annual Local Foods and Local Spirits Cocktail Party next summer.

By the way, if you are interested in local foods, you might want to check out the Locavore Dinner from Mohawk Valley EDGE on September 10th at RCIL in Utica. It is sure to be another fantastic local food experience.

Devin S. Morgan

Local intellectual property attorney who writes about the craft food and beverage industry at

Schallert would make good highway superintendent

We are writing in support of John Schallert who is seeking nomination to the position of highway superintendent for the town of Otsego. All roads in the town, which are not controlled by the state, county or village of Cooperstown fall to the responsibility of the highway superintendent. John’s extensive knowledge of roadway materials including asphalt, concrete and gravel makes him an ideal candidate.

The highway superintendent and crew are directly responsible for the maintenance and quality of our roadways. Under the current highway superintendent, there have been three crew changes during the last eight years. Prior to that, all maintenance was performed be the same crew for more than two decades.

We have come to know Mr. Schallert over the years and found him to be man of integrity that communicates well and works hard.

He is the best choice as the Republican nominee for the town of Otsego Highway Superintendent.

Mary Beth and Marshall Pedersen

Fly Creek

Help support John Schallert 

I want to remind people that Tuesday, Sept. 10, is primary day.

Please support me in supporting, John Schallert for Highway Superintendent.

John cares about the town of Otsego; he has lived here all his life.

This is a Republican Primary and the polls are open from noon to 9 p.m.

Sheila M. Ross

Fly Creek