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November 4, 2011

Your Opinion: November 3, 2011

Vote Sandler, Huntsman

I have known Bennett Sandler and Julie

Huntsman professionally and socially for

the past few years, and am very pleased

that two such intelligent, hard working

and fair minded individuals are running

for Otsego Town Board.

As a Cooperstown resident and

trustee, I believe it is important for village

residents to be represented on the town

board by people who understand our


I am very impressed that both Bennett

and Julie have taken the time to walk the

village, introduce themselves to residents

and listen to our perspectives and issues.

This commitment to including the

village in town concerns, along with their

hard work on environmental and other

issues, makes me happy to endorse both

Julie and Bennett for the Otsego Town

Board. I hope Village residents will join

me in getting out to vote on Nov. 8.

Lynne Mebust


Experienced people needed

I attended the Meet the Candidates

Night last Thursday hoping to hear some

new ideas and what the Sustainable

Otsego/Democrats had to offer.

Other than their one-sided view of

gas drilling, the fate of which the state

of New York will ultimately decide, I was

shocked at their lack of knowledge of

county and town issues.

Time and again the Sustainable Otsego

challengers, both by their answers to

questions and by their position statements,

showed a shocking lack of

knowledge regarding what the Town

Board and County Board are working on

or what they have already accomplished.

It seems as though the challengers have

not attended many of the meetings of

the boards for which they are running.

For example, I have been a member of

the Town Planning Board for nine years

and not one of the Democratic candidates

has attended a meeting, though,

if elected, they will have to work closely

with this board.

By contrast, Bill Michaels and John

Schallert have not only attended meetings,

but have proposed land-use changes

that have benefited the community.

Several times during the Meet the Candidates

Night, the Sustainable Otsego

candidates stated their ideas only to be

rebutted by Mr. Michaels or Mr. Schallert

with “We’ve already done that” or “That is

already in progress.”

I was surprised to learn that, if elected,

Mr. Kosmer, Mr. Sandler and Ms. Huntsman

bring NO government experience

to the town or county boards and the

remaining candidates have very limited


Although the challengers are good,

well-meaning people, this is not the time

for on-the-job training.

We need experienced people now

more than ever.

John Phillips

Fly Creek

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