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January 16, 2014

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Thank you, Maureen Culbert, for the reminder that in the beginning of a search for a buyer of Otsego Manor, “it was all about the care.”

Only one of the original bidders included in its proposal a provision for medical services – a VestraCare/Bassett Healthcare affiliation. There has been no mention of how Focus Ventures proposes to manage medical services.

CMS inspections are intensive. With about 2 years at its Utica facility, Focus has one star. VestraCare, with two facilities, has a five-year track record of 4-5 stars. These reports are available on the internet. Experience counts.

It’s time to stop beating the Otsego County community over the head about the money. The local development corporation needs to revisit the facts from all points of view - - resident healthcare, staffing, management experience, buyer financial stability among other concerns. Will it be Venture or Care?

Merrilyn O’Connell


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