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August 25, 2011

Your Opinion: August 25, 2011

— Distorted version of Cooperstown

Early on I made the deliberate decision not to comment on the Anthony Pacherille case because I have great empathy for both the boys involved.

However, now that the Pacherille family has chosen to blame everyone but themselves for this unfortunate event and has chosen to demonize the victim and has actually set up a petition to boycott Cooperstown and  Otsego County, I feel that I, asa citizen of Cooperstown, am being personally attacked.

Contending that the whole village is covering up at Anthony’s expense, so as to perpetuate its image as a lovely, wholesome place to visit, is ludicrous and insulting.

Anthony made a horrendous mistake when he decided to chase down and shoot Wesley Lippitt and then shoot himself.

Fortunately, he failed in both attempts, but his actions forever changed the course of many lives, especially his own and that of Wesley. The Pacherille family has taken it upon themselves to make light of Wesley’s wound, calling it a “scratch”.

In my estimation, being chased through the streets by a deranged person aiming a gun at you and shooting at you twice, is enough of a life-changing trauma, no matter what the extent of the wound.

Some of the inaccurate information on the Pacherille petition site is that Cooperstown is an unfriendly place for Italians and Catholics to live.

I know from personal experience that this isn’t true for the Catholic population.Families of Italian descent have made their homes in Cooperstown for many years and have been highlyrespected members of the community. We now have an Italian-American mayor, Joe Booan, who grew up here.

Unfortunately, anyone reading the information on the petition site is only getting a distorted version of Cooperstown.

The petition site leaves no way to refute this information. I think this is grossly unfair to all of us who live/work here.

I hope Anthony gets the help that he obviously needs, but I can’t see any good coming  from the actions of hisfamily.

Grace Kull