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August 16, 2012

Letters to the Editor: Aug. 16, 2012


We were to arrive on Aug. 3. On July 23, I was diagnosed with a severe rotator cuff tear that required immediate emergency surgery. Two different surgeons advised me that not having the surgery immediately would have greatly lessened the chance of success, which is already less than 75 percent.

I immediately called all 17 campgrounds to cancel our reservations and all did so with a maximum fee of $19, some with no forfeiture at all, except one. Hartwick Highlands. I had paid them in full, $293, and they flatly refused to grant any refund what-so-ever, even after I offered to have my doctor send a letter explaining the situation. Jennifer, who said she was the owner, referred to their cancellation policy, which stated no funds would be allowed after July 20, no exception.

I appealed to compassion, stating that not only were we going to miss a trip of our dreams, but also I would be out of work for at least eight months, which will create a major financial hardship for us. She offered only to reschedule this season, which we obviously can't do because I will not be able to drive. Explaining my displeasure about their "no exceptions" policy only got one, repeated response: "I am sorry you feel that way."

I am asking you to print this letter to warn our fellow RVers to read the “fine print” when they make a reservation, especially at private campgrounds. Some, like Hartwick Highlands, apparently value the almighty dollar more than goodwill in the RVing community. This policy creates a very bad image for the Cooperstown area, which host thousands of kids and families every year.

Don and Ruth Anne Brown

Portsmouth, Va.

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