Icy roads contribute to death of 11-year-old

LAWTON, Okla. -- Severe winter conditions hit Oklahoma for only a few hours Monday morning, but the effects were still serious enough to contribute to the traffic-related death of an 11-year-old boy.

According to KSWO, a truck traveling north on Oklahoma's I-44 lost control and clipped another car after driving over a patch of ice. When members of the Lawton Police Department (LPD) arrived, they found the truck straddling a guard rail.

They said the boy, whose name has not been released, had been ejected from the truck. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

"It looks like it lost control, slid sideways for quite some time until it made contact with the guardrail. It rolled at least one time. The vehicle is damaged beyond repair and that is due to the rolling," LPD Lieutenant Brad Davis said.

According to the LPD, the young boy was not wearing his seat belt when the truck hit the guard rail.

“Due to the fact that it was a roll over at that capacity, even if he was wearing a seatbelt, there's a possibility he'd still be ejected," said Davis, who said he was affected by the scene.

“Working the scene, it takes a toll on all of us, cause pretty much all of us out here have children and it is just one of those things that it is part of our job we have to deal with it and do it," Davis said, "but it is difficult.”

The other four people in the truck sustained minor injuries and were treated at a local hospital. The second vehicle involved in the accident was mostly undamaged. 

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