Otsego County Conservation Association has been designated the New York Outreach Lead for the Choose Clean Water Coalition.

Composed of more than 230 local, state, regional and national organizations, the coalition works to restore clean water to the Chesapeake Bay watershed. New York is one of six states, plus the District of Columbia, that makes up the Chesapeake Bay watershed.

“We’re honored,” said OCCA’s Executive Director Leslie Orzetti in a media release, adding, “OCCA has long been advocating for environmental stewardship in our own county and this new position allows us to expand our reach and work with partners within the New York portion of the Chesapeake Bay watershed to promote clean water and help meet the Chesapeake Bay clean up targets.”

The Board of Directors of Opportunities for Otsego, an Oneonta-based community action agency, recently named officers and members-at-large. Sita Fey is president; Bryce Fredrick is vice president; Benjamin Friedell is secretary and David Merzig is treasurer. Members-at-large include Katie Bottger, Dan Butterman, Fanny Clements, Alan Donovan, Catarinna Ferrara, Lynn Kent, Melinda Murdock, Tim Parsons, Lisa Samols, Erin Seeley, Ana Vendemmia and Lorrie Wolverton.