Jack Donnelly of Cooperstown and Maya Wasson of Fly Creek were named to the winter term dean’s list at Elmira College.


December graduates from SUNY Delhi include Sarah Allmendinger of Cooperstown, Bachelor of Science degree in nursing; Jennifer Snyder of Fly Creek, Bachelor of Science degree in nursing; and Dara Yastrzemski of Cooperstown, Master of Science degree in nursing education.


President’s list

Zachariah O’Connor of Cherry Valley was named to the fall semester president’s list at SUNY Morrisville.

Dean’s list

The following area SUNY Morrisville students were named to the fall semester dean’s list: David Marthers of Cherry Valley; Alyssa Grocott and Madison Porter, both of Edmeston; Susan Bruss of Hartwick; Cassidy Barker of Mount Vision; Thomas Baker of New Lisbon; Courteney Gould of Edmeston; and Stephen Allen, Chloe Bevins, Ian Dugan, Amber Evans, Derek Hutchings, Elizabeth Jones, Timothy Livingston, Katelynn Lusby and Brianna Wilcox, all of West Winfield.


Area students named to the fall semester dean’s list at Paul Smith’s College include Siena Allen and Matthew Merritt, both of West Winfield; Kyle King of Burlington Flats; and Matthew Syke of Edmeston.