If I have realized anything lately, it is how fast time can fly by. Recently I passed my six-month mark in Switzerland, and in three weeks I will be switching to my third and last host family.

Exchange is such a beautiful process and I wish it could last longer than it does. I have developed such a close relationship with my second family and I still keep in good touch with my first family. It is always hard to move on to the next step, but it makes it all that much easier when you can move forward knowing the strong relationships you have formed will always be there for you.

Recently I gave a presentation to my host club here about my life in New York all in German. Both of my host families were present along with every club member, so I was very excited to show them where I come from and to show them how far I have come with the language. I have definitely learned so much since August. I received many compliments, so I would say it was a success!

Now that the Alps have plenty of snow, I have been skiing multiple times this past month. One of my exchange friends and her current host family invited me with them for a weekend to their mountain home to ski. They have a home in a town called Lenzerheide, which is in Eastern Switzerland.

My break from school began on Feb. 4 and for a week, four of my Swiss friends and I went to a town in the Southwest section of Switzerland  called Leukerbad for skiing. It was cold,but so much fun and not to mention absolutely gorgeous. The next event approaching is called Fastnacht, from Thursday until Tuesday.

Every day during Fastnacht is like a carnival with music, parades, parties, games and everyone dresses up.

The Swiss love this time of the year and look forward to it so I am excited to be able to participate!

LAURA HARMON is a Cooperstown Rotary Exchange student

in Switzerland.

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