CCS superintendent to leave for job at alma mater


Cooperstown Central School District Superintendent Bill Crankshaw said he wasn’t looking to leave the district, but the opportunity to return to his alma mater was one he couldn’t resist.

Crankshaw announced Friday, Aug. 28, he will resign from his position to accept the role of superintendent at Greater Johnstown Central School.

The announcement was made Thursday, Aug. 27, on the Greater Johnstown Central School District website. Cooperstown district officials announced Crankshaw’s coming resignation the following day.

“I was not planning on leaving Cooperstown at all,” Crankshaw told The Daily Star.

Crankshaw said he was contacted by the Hamilton-Fulton-Montgomery BOCES district superintendent, who said there was “quite a bit of support in the community” for him to take over as district leader.

“It’s an opportunity to be with my family after not being home for seven years,” Crankshaw said, noting that his mother, two brothers and his husband all live in Johnstown.

“I will certainly miss Cooperstown,” he said. “I’m very proud of my work here.”

Crankshaw highlighted among his accomplishments garnering support for a capital project, hiring “amazing staff” and being able to articulate the curriculum into a viable K-12 plan.

“I know what is being taught at any grade level at any given time,” he said. “We’re sticking with it and continuing to hone it.”

The Cooperstown Board of Education has already begun the search for an interim superintendent before Crankshaw’s scheduled departure Dec. 1.

“I’m certainly committed to the district in the meantime,” he said.

“While Dr. Crankshaw closes out his tenure here over the next several weeks, he — and, really, everyone at CCS — will continue to adapt in an already challenging time,” said Tim Hayes, president of the Cooperstown Board of Education. “As he told our staff on Thursday, there is still a great deal of good work to do prior to his departure and even more thereafter.”

“I’m really grateful to the Cooperstown community for putting the faith in me that they did,” Crankshaw said. “It’s a big responsibility to run a district in a community that cares so much about its education.”

“Dr. Crankshaw has all the important characteristics our community and constituents said are needed in our future superintendent,” Johnstown Board of Education President Christopher Tallon said. “Dr. Crankshaw not only has the experience that we were looking for but also has an in-depth knowledge of our school district and our community.”

Crankshaw will replace Interim Superintendent Karen Geelan, who has led the district since its former superintendent took a position in another district last year, according to the Johnstown website.

Sarah Eames, staff writer, can be reached at or 607-441-7213.

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