Cooperstown’s police chief said Friday, Feb. 5, that police officers saved a man’s life the day before.

According to a media release from Chief Frank Cavalieri, Corporal James Kelman and Officer David Kaminski responded on Thursday to a report of a suicidal man at an apartment on Glen Avenue as Otsego County Deputy Keith Sheldon responded as a backup.

When the officers arrived, the release said, they found a man with a deep, self-inflicted gash on his right wrist and “large amounts of blood were observed in several rooms.”

The man reportedly asked the officers to leave him alone and to shoot him, but they told him they were going to help him. The man reportedly told police he was feeling faint and was going to lose consciousness.

When it was determined the nearest ambulance was coming from Oneonta, the release said, the officers decided to transport the man to Bassett Medical Center in a police car instead, because of the urgency of the man’s blood loss.

“I believe the quick thinking and effort shown to preserve the subject’s life displayed by these officers were vital in saving the victim’s life,” Cavalieri said in the release. “This effort, I believe, demonstrates the dedication, integrity and concern that the men and women of law enforcement in Otsego County have for their community.”

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