Christmas baby brings holiday cheer

ContributedShiann Bellinger holds her daughter, Adaleah, at Bassett Medical Center on Thursday, Dec. 26.

Shiann Bellinger, 22, of Cobleskill, said giving birth to her daughter on Christmas day at Bassett Medical Center added significance to the holiday.

“I wanted her to be born on Christmas because it’s a special day,” Bellinger said. “Like, how can it get more special? But it really did.”

Her daughter, Adaleah, wasn’t due until Jan. 5, Bellinger said.

“It was a complete surprise,” Bellinger said. “I thought she’d come early because everyone was like ‘Oh she’s going to come early’ because of how big I was, but I didn’t think she’d come on Christmas.”

Bellinger said her water had broken. Her doctor then decided she was ready to go to Bassett, she said.

Bellinger said she was at Bassett for two days before giving birth to her daughter at 12:50 p.m. Wednesday. She said the baby, who has a full head of hair, is doing great, likes to sleep and is “really cozy.”

Adaleah’s brother, Ayden, is “super excited” to be a big brother and was due to meet his sister Friday.

Bellinger said she doesn’t anticipate any complications arising from her daughter’s birthday being the same day as Christmas. She said initially, the family will probably celebrate Adaleah’s birthday either before or after the holiday, then leave it up to her daughter. 

“It’s even more special that she’s here on Christmas,” Bellinger said.  

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