Cooperstown school: Alleged threat was false alarm

Students were safe and classes continued as scheduled at Cooperstown Junior/Senior High School Friday after Superintendent William Crankshaw received a tip from a community member Friday morning that a student might “have access to a firearm,” according to a community announcement sent out by Crankshaw.

Police were notified and conducted an immediate investigation, which found there was no threat to the school district, according to the announcement. The student who allegedly had access to a firearm was not in attendance Friday. The investigation was done before school hours and no lockdown occurred, Crankshaw told The Daily Star Friday.

Police were on campus throughout the day and counseling staff were available to students with concerns or questions, according to the announcement.

Crankshaw said the school district’s safety plan, procedures and practiced scenarios have proven to be helpful. The school takes all information related to threats very seriously and relies on community members, students and staff to keep the school community safe, he said in the announcement

“The school is operating as normal,” Crankshaw said Friday. “We’re placing primary importance on the safety of students and staff here.”

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