Fenimore Art Museum places collections online

The homepage of Fenimoreart.org is shown in this screenshot on Jan. 27.

Fenimore Art Museum has announced the launch of a digital database showcasing the museum’s collections of fine art, folk art and The Thaw Collection of American Indian Art.

The site “dramatically improves online access and representation of the Museum’s holdings consisting of more than 2,000 objects and works of art,” presenters said in a media release.

“It has always been a high priority to get our collections online and made accessible to the public — especially our acclaimed folk art,” Fenimore Art Museum President and CEO Paul D’Ambrosio said in the release. “The folk art collection, highly regarded as one of the most comprehensive and significant in the United States, was assembled by Stephen C. Clark in the 1950s and has never been rightfully represented online for the world to see.”

The new website delivers on-demand content about works of art on view and in storage, allowing a broader reach for exploring the collection, the release said. Supplemental information will also accompany objects.

It is now possible for visitors to determine which works are on view in the museum.

Additional features include high-resolution object images and the ability to share images and information on social media. Public access also includes the ability for viewers to save their favorite pieces.

The concept of a collections site was proposed to Robert and Patricia Hanft in 2018, the release said. It would ultimately enable the museum to publish its entire collection online, including photographing the entire permanent collection.

A total of $250,000 was raised to fund the project. Fenimore will add content representing the museum’s photographic and textile collections in the future after additional funding is secured, the release said.

“Fenimore’s folk art and American Indian art collections represent the ‘gold standard’ among comparable collections in the United States,” D’Ambrosio said in the release. “These collections are in the same class with assemblages in the very best museums in the country, such as the folk art collection at The Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, and the American Indian art collection at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City. We hope everyone takes a close look.”

For more information and to see the new collections site, visit FenimoreArt.org.

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