Dear loyal Readers, Since my last update in this paper a lot has happened. I wish I had more space to tell you all about it.

First, I went on a 10-day Rotary trip across central Mexico. The trip included visiting cities such as Morelia, Guadalajara, San Miguel, Guanajuato and Mexico City. It was literally a trip of a lifetime.

My favorite night was the first night we arrived in Guanajuato. We were supposed to go to a museum, but a change in plans made one of the best nights of my life.

We were told we were going to a concert and in time, we arrived at a sketchy Mexican alleyway. It was a machete concert. In time, we ended up following this machete group walking around Guanajuato seeing the sights and hearing music.

My favorite stop was after leaving the group of machete - seeing the “Calle de Beso” or the Street of kissing, which turned out to be a cramped alleyway with a love story behind it. It is rumored to be bad luck to pass without kissing someone.

This was absolutely my favorite night on the Rotary trip.

After arrival back from the Rotary trip I started cleaning and packing my clothes to switch houses. The house switch went well. I am now living with my new family and I love them dearly.

We passed Christmas together, simple but nice. It didn’t feel much like Christmas without the snow and without a Christmas tree.

Also, more or less “Mexican Christmas,” was Jan. 5. The “Dia de los reyesmagos,” or the Day of the Three Kings. This is where Mexican children or exchange students write notes to the three wise men asking for gifts, traditionally toys. Letters are sent by balloon. I didn’t really ask for anything from the “kings.”

My host parents got me a Mexican-styled bag and a traditional Mexican toy.

I still can’t believe the year is passing so fast. It was quite a reality shock when two of my close friends from Brazil left a few days ago, only reminding all of us that our time is shortand our days numbered. I miss Cooperstown more than I ever thought possible, but I still am sad to see my time here passing so quickly. I know I’ll be home before I know it.

Until then, it has been my pleasure sharing my experience with everyone.

ALISON WEBER is a Cooperstown Rotary exchange student who is spending the year in Mexico.

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