Murder suspect waives hearing

Greg Klein | The Daily StarAlexander Borggreen, left, confers with Public Defender Mike Trosset on Monday, Aug. 31, in Otsego County Court in Cooperstown.

COOPERSTOWN — Oneonta resident Alexander Borggreen, one of six suspects charged in the 2019 shooting death of Kenneth Robinson, appeared in Otsego County Court on Monday, Aug. 31, waving his right to a Huntley Hearing.

A Huntley Hearing is a pretrial hearing that may be held to review the manner in which the police obtained statements from the defendant, and determine the admissibility of such statements at trial.

Borggreen is charged with second degree murder, first degree burglary, first degree attempted robbery and third degree arson for an Oct. 10, 2019, incident where Robinson was shot to death and his house set on fire.

Borggreen, then 16, Nicolas Meridy, then 32, and Dylan Robinson, then 15, were all charged with the four counts in the death of Dylan Robinson’s father, in an apparent attempt to steal $5,000 in cash and marijuana.

Anais Soto, then 15, was charged with arson. Two other suspects, Alexis Lottermann of Walton and Tatiana Febo of Downsville, then 16 and 17, are being tried as juveniles in family court.

Meridy unexpectedly pled guilty to second degree murder at a similar hearing in the same courtroom Monday, Aug. 24. He will be sentenced Monday, Oct. 26, under the plea guidelines of 22 years to life.

Otsego County Public Defender Mike Trosset, representing Borggreen, said his client was beginning a pre-trial plea interview Monday.

Otsego County Judge John Lambert amended Borggreen’s bail, lowering it from $25,000 to $2,500. Trosset said Borggreen’s mother would be posting bail for him Monday.

Lambert said he wanted Borggreen to wear an electronic monitoring device, but it had not arrived at the Probation Department, yet. Lambert ordered Borggreen to call the probation office every day at 11 a.m. until the device arrives and to use it as soon as it arrives.

Lambert said he would speak to the Probation Department about his displeasure with the situation.

Borggreen’s next court date is Monday, Oct. 19, at which point Lambert said he wants a plea deal or a date to start the trial. Lambert told both lawyers that he did not expect any more pre-trial motions.

Monday, Borggreen gave consent to a taped interview he made with police in the aftermath of Robinson’s death being used in court, waving his right to challenge the statements.

Otsego County District Attorney John Muehl said the interview was given by Borggreen freely and is the only one he would seek to use in the case.

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