The Otsego County Board of Representatives introduced a local law that will change the way weighted voting will work in the county during its Nov. 2, meeting.

The proposed local law will amend Local Law No. 1 of 2013 by changing each representative’s number of votes as determined by the 2020 U.S. Census and as required by Local Law No. 2 of 2013.

Every 10 years, the board has to look at the populations in each representative’s district to determine the weighted vote for each. The current weighted votes add up to 6,227. The new law would base the weighted votes on 100, instead of one-tenth of the population. A majority vote is 51 votes, the proposed law said.

The proposed law would give the districts the following weighted votes based on population and proportion of population:

• Seven votes each to District 1 — town of Unadilla, District 7 — towns of Cherry Valley, Middlefield and Roseboom and District 11 — Oneonta City Wards 1 and 2;

• Six votes each to District 2 — towns of Butternuts, Morris and Pittsfield, District 8 — town of Otsego, District 9 — towns of Richfield and Springfield and District 12 — Oneonta City Wards 3 and 4;

• Nine votes each to District 3 — towns of Laurens and Otego, District 4 — town of Oneonta, and District 6 — towns of Decatur, Maryland, Westford and Worcester;

• 10 votes to District 5 — towns of Hartwick, Milford and New Lisbon; and

• Five votes each to District 13 — Oneonta City Wards 5 and 6 and District 14 — Oneonta City Wards 7 and 8.

There will be a public hearing on this law at 9:50 a.m. Dec. 7.

During the meeting, the board also approved several resolutions including allocating its final American Rescue Plan Act funds to local municipalities. The resolution was amended to include a section stating the funds will be allocated if they meet the Federal government’s criteria for the funds.

According to the resolution, the following municipalities received funding:

• Village of Unadilla $25,247.16 for a playground and $809.95 for a volleyball net.

• Town of Unadilla $50,000 for a generator, repair and/or updating of the water system, drilling of a new well, install a pump, and repair outdated electrical services and boxes in the well house.

• Town of Worcester $50,000 for sidewalk repairs, library and theater upgrades, and upgrading the current meeting room.

• Town of Edmeston $50,000 to put towards a water improvement system.

• Town of Butternuts $50,000 to put towards a town barn project.

• Village of Morris $50,000 to build a village garage, sidewalk replacement, laptop, and Otsego Ready Mix.

• Town of Morris $50,000 to put towards the purchase of a tractor.

• Village of Milford $50,000 for sidewalks, radar display/speed signs, and Wilbur Park.

• Town of Hartwick $30,000 for sidewalks and community veterans memorial.

• Town of New Lisbon $50,000 for a town barn.

• Town of Roseboom $37,970 to help cover material cost for construction of a highway building.

• City of Oneonta $50,000 for the upper level basketball court renovations at Wilber Park.

• Town of Otego $50,000 for concrete flooring for a town building.

• Village of Otego $50,000 for a pump station and replacing exposed water line.

The board also accepted increased grant funding in the amount of $57,047 per year through 2025 from the state Department of Health for the county’s Children and Youth with Special Health Care Needs program.

It also passed three resolutions to accept funds from and contract with the state Office of Indigent Legal Services, for a total of $668,170. The state will give the county the money to hire legal services for indigent defendants.

Vicky Klukkert, staff writer, can be reached at or 607-441-7221.

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