Otsego OKs two 'urgent' contracts


The Otsego County Board of Representatives approved two contracts at a special meeting Tuesday, Jan. 26.

County officials said both contracts were urgent and could not wait eight days for the county’s regular monthly meeting, Wednesday, Feb. 3.

The first contract maintains a professional indexing service between Info Quick Solutions Inc., and the county clerk’s office.

The second contract renews an automobile leasing agreement with Enterprise Fleet Management, Inc.

Board Chair Dave Bliss, R-Cherry Valley, Middlefield, Roseboom, said the Enterprise contract needed urgent approval because car manufacturing has been slowed or shuttered by the coronavirus pandemic and the county needed to lock up its fleet.

“There is a little urgency because of some parts shortages for some of these vehicles,” Bliss said. “Ford, I guess they’ve already announced they’re going to shut down production, and Chevy and some of these other vehicles could shut down production at any time. So if we don’t get them ordered, we won’t get them this year.

All members present at the meeting voted for the contracts. Two legislators were absent, Rep. Michele Farwell, D-Butternuts, Morris, Pittsfield, and Danny Lapin, D-Oneonta.

The fleet includes 13 vehicles, mostly police Tahoes for the Sheriff’s Department, as well as an F-250 truck with plow for the Building Services Department and a Tahoe for the E911 Department.

The final cost was not listed because of trade-in considerations and other point-of-sale factors for the 60-month leases.

Bliss said the fleet was accounted for in the 2021 budget, but the purchasing required a dedicated vote from the board, which is still operating under rules set up to deal with the pandemic.

Because of the pandemic, the meeting was held via Zoom. It can be viewed on the county’s Facebook page.

Greg Klein, staff writer, can be reached at gklein@thedailystar.com or 607-441-7218.

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