Otsego Regional Cycling Advocates, a committee of the Otsego County Conservation Association, is planning its fourth annual Bike to Work Day for Wednesday, May 16.

The aim of this event is to encourage people to choose an alternative “green” mode of transportation biking, walking or even skateboarding  to get to work or school, to run errands, or just for fun on May 16 in particular and as a lifestyle choice in general.

“We hope to up the participation rate by 10 percent this year,” said event organizer Martha Clarvoe said in a media release. “This is a big challenge, but we know there are a lot of people who have been considering reducing their carbon footprint or adding more exercise to their routine. Walking or riding their bicycles will make this change easy and fun.”

“I think this year the price of gasoline or diesel is a big incentive. One can save a good bit of change by reducing their driving,” Clarvoe said.

Check-in locations throughout the county will be staffed  from 6:30 to 9 a.m. on Bike toWork Day. Those interested in participating, in setting up a check-in station, or in recruiting riders and walkers may call Clarvoe at 547-4020.

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