Otsego 2000 will sponsor a November film festival, according to a media release.

Glimmerglass Film Days, a showcase for powerful films reflecting humanity’s complex relationships with the natural world, will take place Nov. 8 to 10 in Cooperstown.

The inaugural festival will feature screenings of eight award-winning films, as well as encounters and collaborations with internationally known artists, activists and aficionados in a three-day series highlighted by local food tastings, trail hikes and bike tours, all designed to celebrate the natural and historic resources of the Cooperstown region.

The National Baseball Hall of Fame and the Fenimore Art Museum will serve as settings for a weekend of screenings curated by Margaret (Peggy) Parsons, founder and director of the award-winning film program at the National Gallery of Art in Washington DC, and an alumna of the Cooperstown Graduate Program in History Museum Studies. 

“Cooperstown is the ideal spot for a festival devoted to environment,” Parsons said in the media release. “There are rich natural assets, a beautiful and quiet lake, and the prophetic intuition, first expressed in James Fenimore Cooper’s novels, that if we abuse our natural resources we will destroy ourselves.”

For the inaugural festival, Ms. Parsons has selected an array of internationally acclaimed films that build on Cooper’s insight in powerful and inventive ways. 

The films to be screened include “Harmony: A New Way of Looking at the World,” a newly restored Technicolor version of “Drums Along the Mohawk,” “Microcosmos,” “Field of Enchantment (La Clé des Champs),” “Drill Baby Drill,” “Rivers and Tides,” “Chasing Ice,” and “More Than Honey.” Descriptions of the films can be found at www.glimmerglassfilmdays.org

On Saturday, Nov. 9, the newly-opened Cooperstown Distillery welcomes viewers to “Black Maria,” a spirited evening of highly original, seldom-screened, independent short films about the natural world presented by John Columbus, founding director of the renowned alternative festival Black Maria.

Sunday Nov. 9, kicks off with a farm-to-table brunch at Templeton Hall, where Glimmerglass Film Days presents Peter Rutkoff, an award-winning teacher and writer. Rutkoff chairs the American Studies program, which he founded at Kenyon College in Gambier, Ohio. A summer resident of Lake Otsego, where he has returned every year since boyhood, Rutkoff will share his fascination with “The Three Faces of Hawkeye,” a riveting look at three film versions of James Fenimore Cooper’s novel, “Last of the Mohicans.” Following his talk at Templeton Hall, Rutkoff will sign copies of “Cooperstown Chronicles,” his short story collection.

Glimmerglass Film Days is organized under the auspices of Otsego 2000. Henry S.F. Cooper Jr. serves as Chairman of the Honorary Board of Glimmerglass Films Days. Cooper is a descendant of James Fenimore Cooper, who called Otsego Lake “Glimmerglass” in his Leatherstocking Tales.

“The feelings my two-times great grandfather developed about nature, that it was something beautiful and worth preserving, as opposed to something dangerous, to be overcome by hard work, the prevailing idea at the time, were woven into his novels,” Cooper said in the media release. “Hence The Leatherstocking Tales, and Otsego Lake, are a major source of American ideas of nature, conservation, and the environment.”

Glimmerglass Film Days passes and tickets can be purchased at Otsego 2000, 101 Main St., Cooperstown, during regular business hours or by calling Otsego 2000 at 547 8881. For more information, visit www.glimmerglassfilmdays.org.

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