Little Lamb Preschool students visited the Wolfe family’s Ovaltop dairy farm on June 15.

Fourteen students, ages 3 to 5, met a 14-year-old cow named Nikita and a newborn calf, took a hay wagon ride and fed heifers hay during their visit led by classmate Justin Wolfe.

Throughout the month of June, state Agriculture Commissioner Patrick Hooker is honoring dairy farmers as June is Dairy Month in New York state. With 5,400 dairy farms producing more than 12 billion pounds of milk annually, New York is the nation’s third largest dairy state.

“June Dairy Month was originally celebrated to help stabilize the demand for milk and dairy products during the spring months of peak milk production,” the commissioner said in a media release. “Today, we simply honor our dairy farmers and the dairy processors for the safe, wholesome products they produce.”

Little Lamb Preschool is on state Route 28, 1 mile north of U.S. Route 20/Skinner & Damu lis. The teacher is June Baker, who is celebrating her 11th anniver ary as Little Lamb Preschool’s teacher. Her teaching assistant is Katie Baker.

Little Lamb Preschool is a community preschool program offered by the Trinity Christian School Association.

Children ages 3 and 4 meet three mornings a week for about three hours in a small-group setting. Children can join anytime during the school year, which is September through June, once they have had their third birthday.

For information about Little Lamb Preschool, call Baker at (315) 858-0382 or (315) 858-2361 for more information.

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