Salon offers cutting-edge services

ContributedOwner Kery Montana sits between technician Samantha Dunham, left, and salon manager Alexis Rogers at Escape to Serenity Hair Salon, south of Cooperstown.

At Escape to Serenity Hair Salon near Cooperstown, owner Kery Montana and manager Alexis Rogers say they aim to offer cutting-edge services in a spa-like environment.

The duo paired decades of experience when they opened the salon at 4944 State Route 28 in early April.

“We actually attended beauty school together,” Rogers, 28, of Richfield Springs, said. “We had worked at different places individually and together at a salon, but we decided we were ready to have our own space and it’s been great ever since.”

“I’ve been doing hair a long time,” Montana, 33, of Cooperstown, said, “but there was more benefit to doing my own salon and … everyone seems super-happy and impressed.”

The salon’s April 1 opening, Rogers said, followed six weeks of remodeling to give the space what she called “a really serene feel.”

Escape to Serenity offers full coloring, styling and cosmetic services, Rogers said, with an emphasis on staying up to date with industry trends.

“We do all kinds of hair extensions and, besides hair, we offer nail services, a variety of waxing services and we just got our pedicure chair up and running,” she said. “We pretty much offer it all. With the pedicure chair, we’ll be doing foot detoxes to give (customers) more of that spa feeling, so we’re really looking forward to that. And, within the next five months, I’ll be taking eyelash extension courses, so we’ll also be offering that soon, too.”

“We just added a new member to our team, Samantha Dunham, and she’s also a cosmetologist,” Rogers said.

Montana called Dunham’s acrylic nail expertise “a really big thing.”

“Before, everyone was driving to Oneonta for that,” she said. “And the foot detox is something that nobody around here has.”

Montana and Rogers said, while remaining current is important for providing customers sought-after services, it’s also about personal and professional development.

“I’ve always wanted to do hair,” Rogers said. “I tried other avenues, but this has always been it for me. A good thing about our business is that there’s always something new to learn and other things to grow from. We’re excited to explore what we can bring to the community.”

“They say you need to do what you love,” she said, “and this is something where I can come to work, do my job and never get sick and tired of it. This industry is always evolving, there’s always something new to learn and I’m a hands-on learner, so this is my go-to.”

“I want to continue with all sorts of education,” Montana said. “I stay up with everything because, in the future, I want to show people what I’ve learned and eventually grow to be bigger and have more girls. It’s a tough industry and it can be competitive, so you’ve got to know the new things.”

Montana and Rogers said, even while cultivating an ambient, spa-inspired atmosphere, the salon caters to a varied clientele.

“We have quite the mix,” Rogers said. “It’s mainly locals … and the majority of customers are female, but we get a lot of gentlemen and kids are always welcome. We try to be available to the whole family.”

“It ranges from locals to non-locals, especially in the summer months, and ages also range,” Montana said. “If we have kids coming in, I might plan to do them in the morning, then have (clients) from 20 to 80 throughout the day.”

Customers, Rogers said, appreciate the salon’s out-of-the-chair amenities, too.

“(The response) has been really good and a lot of people are excited for us to be here,” she said. “We get a lot of praise for the fact that we have our own parking. In Cooperstown, it’s really hard to find parking in the village and local people, especially, don’t want to pay to park, so that’s one of our advantages and people love that. We’re only about five minutes from the village.”

To make an appointment, call 607-282-4138 or book online at Montana noted that, because of stylist- and service-specific bookings, most sessions are by appointment, though walk-ins are welcome. Also, find “Escape 2 Serenity Hair Salon” on Facebook.

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