The Cooperstown Board of Education said goodbye to a longtime member and hello to two of its favorite alumni at the June 18 meeting. 

Chris and Tom Hogan, class of 2009, spoke softly but their words and donation made a big impact on the board members, including outgoing member Jean Schifano.

The brothers, who have Down syndrome, are still long-time fixtures at CCS athletic events. They have jobs working 30 hours a week; Chris works in the cafeteria at Bassett and Tom in the kitchen at the Otesaga.

They came to the meeting to donate money to their old class.

The boys admitted they spoke “bashfully” but gave a copy of their statements to the board members.

“This check for Quinnie’s class (Peggy Quinn, special education teacher) is from the money WE earned and not from Mom and Dad,” the statement said. “We want to thank the teachers and staff at CCS for preparing us to do these jobs.” 

“I can’t believe how long ago 2009 seems,” CCS BOE president David Borgstrom said. “We’re all very proud of you boys.” 

Schifano congratulated incumbent Thersa Russo and Tim Hayes on their election to the board. Hayes will begin his three-year term in July. His first BOE meeting will be on July 14. 

In other CCS news, CCS secondary principal Mike Cring will return to athletic director duties for the first time in nearly five years. Cring replaces Monica Wolfe, who had been in the position for two years as a part-time physical education teacher/A.D. Wolfe replaced Jay Baldo.

Baldo moved from CCS to New Hartford last year as a guidance councilor. Wolfe, who received tenure in Cooperstown this spring, is adding sixth grade physical education classes at the elementary school in the fall. 

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