Voters approved budgets in all Cooperstown area schools on Tuesday.

Worcester’s budget passed by a margin of 175 to 57, meeting the 60% supermajority required by the state to approve a property tax levy exceeding the mandated 2% cap.

“We would like to thank the families and residents of Worcester for their continued support,” district superintendent Tim Gonzales said in an email to The Daily Star.

The $9,049,317 budget proposed by Schenevus Central School — a 1.6% decrease from the current year’s budget — was approved by a margin of 357 to 193.

“I would like to say to the Schenevus faculty and staff and community that this is a true testament to how valued education is at Schenevus,” Superintendent Theresa Carlin said in an email. “We have a long road ahead of us with a lot of think-outside-the box planning, but I am confident that we will continue to make all of our decisions in the best interest of kids.”

Below are the local results:


Budget (+2.15%): Yes: 146; No: 28

Purchase buses: Yes: 146; No: 25

Purchase equipment: Yes: 146; No: 26

School board (1): April Aramini: 135


Budget (+0.53%): Yes: 322; No: 49

Four-year bus lease: Yes: 307; No: 43

Five-year bus lease: Yes: 300; No: 47

Three-year bus lease: Yes: 302; No: 41

Increase library tax levy for the Kinney Memorial Library and the Village Library of Cooperstown: Yes: 311; No: 53

School board (2): Marielle Ainsworth: 314; Wendy Kiuber: 307


Budget (+0.89%): Yes: 101; No: 5

Purchase 63-passenger bus: Yes: 101; No: 5

Purchase 24-passenger wheelchair-modified bus: Yes: 99; No: 7

Purchase 30-passenger bus: Yes: 101; No: 5

School board (2): John Holdorf: 95; Timothy Johnson: 100


Budget (+0.64%): Yes: 195; No: 84

School board (3): Marion Mossman: 191; Kenneth Stanford: 136; William Ward: 137


Budget (+0.87%): Yes: 175; No: 42

School board (2): Tom Shypski: 178; Tony Bailey: 183


Budget (-1.6%): Yes: 357; No: 193

Purchase buses: Yes: 354; No: 194

School board (1): Timothy Green: 284


Budget (+1.65%): Yes: 175; No: 57

Purchase buses: Yes: 180; No: 50

School board (1): Stacey Serdy: 195