As we enter into the middle of summer, let us pause and relish in the fact that we have been blessed with such lovely weather.

Life in our Eden Alternative Community is blessed as well. Under the guidance and loving arms of our administrator, Laurie Blatt, our home is a place to cherish.

Our Eden bulletin board displays ``Life’s Simple Pleasures’’ on which staff and residents have put together a collage of what we hold dear as pleasures to us.

In our community, such delights as the love and companionship of a pet, fondness for gardening and bird watching, music and laughter, the liveliness of children and the peacefulness of sitting on our many porches, enable our residents and staff to enjoy those pleasures.

For me, my simple pleasure is hugs. My mantra is ``at least three hugs a day keeps the blues away!’’ Whether a hug is to say hello, offer support, share a joy or sorrow, or just show you care, it is one of the simplest actions, but can mean so much to the giver or receiver. In my 23 years at the Thanksgiving Home I can’t fathom the amount of hugs  I have given or received, buteach and every one holds a special place in my heart and has made my life so rich and fulfilled.

The mission of our Eden Home is to offer our residents a community free of the plagues of helplessness, loneliness and boredom.

When you see the vision of camaraderie and love shared by residents and staff, you can only think, ``family.’’ As we visit together, day by day _ sharing life stories, enjoying activities, meals, joys and sorrows, you can’t help but know the Thanksgiving Home is truly special.

Throughout the years, I have come to know the families and friends of our residents. When these people visit our home, they know their loved ones are in a truly special place and are cared for by staff who love what they do. We are a family in every sense of the word, and meet the needs of each and every resident as if they were our own parents or grandparents.

The past two weeks many residents enjoyed visits from  family and friends. MarthaQuinn enjoyed visiting with the Doyle’s from Maine, lunch out with granddaughter, Bridget and dinner with two dear friends, Lucille Gilchrest and Betty McCarthy. A new great grandson, Grayson, born June 30th added to her joy.

Pat DeBaun has had a busy summer with daughters Laura and Ellie, going out for dinner and sailing on the boat.

Art and Natalie Laidlaw had a lovely visit with Mary and Peter Clark. Veronica Seaver took Fannie Navarra and Julia Gil to the Blue Mingo for lunch and Dot Gardner had lunch with her son Mark.

July 21st, Sara Siegel, Max Ofer and Renee Freidman put on a skit depicting the history of the Braille System, their way of celebrating History Day. July 22nd, staff and residents took off for Camp Minnetoska for our annual summer picnic and July birthday party.

The cake, artfully decorated by Darcey Schilling, was a replica of a picnic blanket, decked out with food, goodies and even ants!

We had a wonderful time and provided our own entertainment by singing summertime songs.

July 29th, Janet Saporito led ``Laughlines,’’ a get-together for jokes and laughter. Later that afternoon, ``Tea and Sweets’’ brought residents and staff together to celebrate our cat Ginger’s 6th birthday. Iced tea, lemonade and molasses cookies were served.

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