This week’s column is somewhat unusual in that every, and we mean every, news item in it is being included at the request of a reader of this column.

And we could not be more delighted as we really feel this is the way the column should work. Including our thoughts on the comings and goings of the area is fine. However, we enjoy it even more when we can include our readers’ thoughts on the  comings and the goings ofthe area.

Christ Episcopal Church will hold its fall rummage sale on Friday, Oct. 7 from 10 a.m.

until 4 p.m. and on Saturday, Oct. 8, from 10 a.m. until noon. The rummage sale will be held in the Christ Church Parish House located at 69 Fair St. in Cooperstown. In conjunction with the rummage sale on Friday, a bake sale will also be held. And there will be a bag sale on Saturday. Proceeds from the two sales will benefit the work of the Sisters of St. Margaret in Haiti, the church’s mission work in the Dominican Republic and those affected by the recent flooding in the area.

The next meeting of the Literary Discussion Group, sponsored by the Women’s Club of Cooperstown, will be held on Thursday, Oct. 27 at 2:30 p.m.

in the village of Cooperstown library. The book for discussion will be “Dragon Seed” by Pearl Buck. The discussion will be lead by Pat Wilson.

Group members attending the October meeting should also bring suggestions for books to be read by the group in 2012. Those who would like to recommend books are asked to only submit two books and to include a brief description of each book as well as its availability. More information about the book selection process is available by contacting the group’s facilitator, namely us, either by telephone at 547-8124 or e-mail at cellsworth1@stny. Books will be selected for the 2012 reading list at the group’s meeting in November, scheduled to be held on Thursday, Nov. 17, one week earlier than usual due to the Thanksgiving holiday.

Our cracker jack Eagle Street reporter, Robin Lettis, has submitted the following report on the recent Eagle Street Block Party:

“The 16th annual Eagle Street Block Party was held the Sunday after Labor Day.

This is the traditional close  to all the social events on theblock for the summer season. Since it was our 16th, we decided on a “Sweet Sixteen” theme. All invitees (residents, former residents, near residents, wannabe residents and friends of...) were encouraged to bring or wear something from the year they turned or would turn 16.

Ellen St. John wore a small display of the amount of  stamps required to mail aletter the year she turned 16. I won’t say how young she is but it did not take a lot of stamps. Charlie Hill wore an engraved silver friendship bracelet from his high school sweetheart. Sorry Julie. Joan Badgely brought her pretty prom picture and Jean Lyon brought pictures from her teen years in New Zealand. She looked great in her convent school uniform. I win for the most items which included a charm bracelet, class mug, class jacket (Wilson HS ‘65, West Lawn, PA) and well preserved marching boots. My apologies to those I’ve forgotten.

The weather was not particularly cooperative (Tom Lyon was in charge of that) but with our newly designed lay out we all stayed dry under the carport. Patrick Dewey kept us entertained with appropriate music for the day. His preparations included asking many residents ahead of time for music from their 16th year. Great idea Patrick!

We’ll all look forward to that renowned block party which will start the 2012 summer season.”

We thank Robin for her report and are seriously considering inviting her to the next Pioneer Street Block Party so that she might also report on that.

We were somewhat surprised by the number of calls we received regarding last week’s column on Medicare.

Several callers wanted to assure us that we would be able to figure the system out. Others wanted to share their experiences with the system.

But the call that really impressed us was from a reader who wanted us to mention in the column what a truly great job the Otsego County Office for the Aging does in helping seniors navigate the Medicare program.

And we are more than happy to do so, as we have long heard from seniors each year about how grateful they are for the assistance they receive from the Office for the Aging.

Our caller was new to the Medicare system this year and found the help given her at the Office for the Aging to be invaluable. She feels very  confident that she is signedup for the right programs to meet her needs. And she also felt that her questions about Medicare were handled professionally, as well as compassionately. She also found that the person helping her had an incredible amount of knowledge about the Medicare system. In fact, it seemed she could not say enough about her experience at the Office for the Aging.

And we cannot say enough about the job the Office for the Aging does in the area of Medicare as we understand there are 12,000 seniors in Otsego County enrolled in the Medicare program. And their multitude of questions and concerns are dealt with by six or seven employees in the Office for the Aging. We salute them all for the wonderful job they do.

We were, however, somewhat disturbed to discover, thanks to our caller, that the Office for the Aging is located in the back of the county’s Meadows complex, which means that the seniors visiting there have a somewhat lengthy hike to the Office for the Aging from the front door, which is the only one open due to security concerns.

We are not certain why the Office for the Aging is where it is. But we have to think that there would have been a more convenient spot for it when the office space was doled out. And quite frankly, we are not particularly looking forward to the hike should we find ourselves next year in need of visiting the Office for the Aging. But we do suppose it is too much to hope that it will be moved closer to the front door before we make our appointment for assistance with Medicare.

PLEASE NOTE: Comments regarding this column may be made by mail at 105 Pioneer Street, Cooperstown, NY 13326, by telephone at 607-547-8124

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