Roses to President Barack Obama and everyone involved in his visit to Cooperstown last week. When the news broke on May 17, we were caught up in the excitement. Even during the presidential visit on May 22, the mix of breaking news, protests and a Hall of Fame-like atmosphere made it impossible to resist the event. 

A week later, however, the feeling we are left with is pride. The president could have gone to many great places in this country to promote tourism. He could have gone to Las Vegas or Daytona Beach, Disney World or Hollywood, the Cape or Martha’s Vineyard, the Outer Banks or the Arch or The Four Corners or The Alamo... well, you get the point. 

Perhaps you have thought about it too:

President Obama decided the best place to make a speech about tourism was Cooperstown and the National Baseball Hall of Fame.

That feeling we’re feeling is pride. 

Of course, we feel a little guilt too. This was the week we had scheduled to complain about on-street paid parking and the Cooperstown Dreams Park opening. 

Roses also go to the Hall of Fame, town, village and county officials and the police and fire departments. The visit couldn’t have been any smoother and we have to admit we felt good when we knew that the president was back on his way safely.

Roses go to everyone who exercised their right to free speech during the visit. We don’t care if you were anti-fracking or pro-fracking, anti-Common Core or anti-SAFE Act. It doesn’t even matter if we agree with you or not. We’re glad you were here last week. We thank you for assembling peacefully and protesting, cheering or booing, and for spending your time and perhaps even money in Cooperstown. 

We hope you come back for the sights too. We hear we’re a good symbol of a popular tourist town. 

Roses go to mother nature for holding off with the rain on Thursday and again on Saturday for the Hall of Fame Classic. While the game ended early, by the time it happened, the fans had seen almost three hours of entertainment. 

Roses go to the Hall of Fame, yes, more roses. The HOF put its best foot forward all weekend. Perhaps behind the scenes it is chaos at the Hall. But to the public view, everything is always professional and dramatic at the Hall. It doesn’t matter if it is a presidential visit or a rain storm during the Classic, you always know that events will run smoothly. We can’t wait for the rest of the 75th Anniversary lineup and Induction Weekend.  

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