On Wednesday, March 18, the village of Cooperstown will hold its elections for mayor and two trustee positions. As a trustee I have had the privilege of working closely with Mayor Ellen Tillapaugh for the past two years, and with trustees Joe Membrino and MacGuire Benton for the past one year. We all bring different strengths and ideas to the board, and I firmly believe this benefits Cooperstown.

It’s no secret that Cooperstown’s population is shrinking as well as aging. Fortunately for Cooperstown, in 2019 MacGuire Benton, a 2016 CCS graduate, chose to run for an open one-year village trustee term. During his first year as a trustee, MacGuire has been dedicated to ensuring Cooperstown is an accessible, transparent, and welcoming community for all. His enthusiasm, innovative ideas, and millennial perspective are a benefit to Cooperstown, and are unique to the Village Board. MacGuire is committed to staying in his home town and making sure it is an attractive place for future generations. His youthful perspective is a perfect balance to the years of experience and public service Ellen and Joe bring to the board.

As a small village in rural Upstate New York, Cooperstown has its challenges, but with the thoughtful, forward-thinking planning of the current mayor and trustees, I believe Cooperstown’s future is bright. I hope you will join me in voting for Mayor Tillapaugh and trustees Membrino and Benton on March 18, to continue the positive momentum of the past decade.

Jeanne Dewey


Dewey is a Cooperstown village trustee.

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