We must find ways

to reach out

I received this statement from Christine Drew Martin, a former resident of Oaksville, who is the daughter of the late Ruth Yule, beloved English teacher at CCS. I believe that what Christine said here is essential to our understanding of the men who have been responsible for such terrible events as those occurring in Newtown and Webster. I believe we must act upon our understanding of what she states here. We must find ways to reach out to such isolated persons, making available to them the services they need to find that solace and acceptance so essential to their peace of mind — and ours.

“Most groups reject the anomaly within the group. It is human nature. If the one removed can find solace and acceptance elsewhere, he will be OK. If he can forgive the group for rejecting him, he will be OK. But if he can do neither, it is within his nature to decompensate, sometimes into madness, and to be capable of acting without mercy. It is the nature of pain.”

Hilda Wilcox


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