Yard sale was big success

First and foremost, a very special appreciation is extended to the 32 residents that registered in a timely fashion and paid the fee of $15. This was an increase of 12 individual sales from 2017. In return, you received lawn signs that advertised the event and notation on the online and printed maps; 800 were distributed. Thanks also to village resident Catherine Tuttle for staffing the sign and map distribution days as well as the pick up of signs after each sale. More thanks to so many of you for your encouragement and support, including Cindy Falk for her invaluable advice when this sale was just being considered … and the village Economic Development and Sustainability Committee for researching a date that did not conflict with another major community event and to bring more visitors to Cooperstown.

Fees from participants make this 100 percent volunteer-driven event happen! This is the only source of revenue for this event. We are fortunate Susan O’Handley, president and owner of Central NY Mobile Marketing, donates her expertise, including the online map, and Paul Schecter, owner of Otsego Computer eXperts, who keeps the website updated. In 2017, seven residents participated and chose to not pay the fee, but this year two of those individuals did join in and pay.

However, this year 10 (not all the same as 2017) participated and chose to not pay the fee. We would very much like to turn this around and gain your involvement by paying the $15 fee and support the overall community effort to help ensure continuation of the yard sale day. Let us hear from you.

At the request of some resident participants, we purchased 100 new larger and more visible lawn signs with our message on both sides. These take about two years to pay off because of limited funds. The other cost is the printing of the maps. There are also incidental costs incurred by the coordinator of the event.

After the event, the signs and wire stands get cleaned prior to packing. One sign cannot be used again, and we’re waiting for two more to show up … these things do happen.

It’s most rewarding to hear from the participating residents and how much you enjoy this annual event. Suggestions for a possible 2019 event are most welcomed … share what’s on your mind … we need your input. Please email your comments to richcooperstown@gmail.com.

Rich McCaffery


Writer picks Flynn for NY-19

Democrats in District NY-19 have seven bright and capable candidates to choose from in the upcoming primary election on June 26. We even have a wonderful local Cooperstown area candidate in Erin Collier, who shows terrific promise for us in the future.

I’ve attended talks by all seven candidates, and I choose Brian Flynn. Right now we need a battle-hardened candidate to stand against current Republican house member, no show (John) Faso. We need someone strong, principled, with great experience and the right ideas. We need someone who will hold Town Halls, listen to us, act and vote for our benefit and be tough enough to withstand withering attacks by the GOP.

I’ve seen and met all the candidates. I choose Brian Flynn. He is strong, smart, good humored, a regular visitor to this area, well versed in the political process and has an economic plan to help ALL Americans. He is pro-environment and pro education. He takes no money from corporate PACs or oil, gas and coal industry people. Brian’s vote is not for sale.

He’s practiced progressive ideas his whole life. Brian will stand against Trump’s agenda when necessary and thinks healthcare should be for “we the people,” not just for the rich. Healthcare greatly affects jobs our rural district, as it is our largest area employer.

He is a businessman himself and is businesslike in his approach towards government. As a private citizen and after his brother was killed in the Lockerbie bombing, he fought for and pushed the Iran/Libya sanctions bill through Congress and helped bring justice to one of its perpetrators. Brian and his tireless fellow justice seekers also helped pass legislation that has made air travel safer.

For three generations, Brian Flynn and his family have strong roots in our District 19. He is civil and a good listener even when he takes a hard stand. I implore you all go to the polls on Tuesday, June 26, and vote for Brian. Our lives depend on it.

Anne Geddes-Atwell


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