Cooperstown, a wonderful place

to live

By all accounts, the first Fall for Cooperstown weekend was a resounding success. Big thanks to all the merchants, museums and churches that participated in this wonderful event, as well as the board of trustees who supported the idea at every step of the way. Even the weather helped us out!

With the music and beer tasting in Pioneer Park, the sidewalk sales and free museum admissions, Main Street was more crowded than usual for mid-October. Thank you to the committee of Margaret Savoie, Patti Ashley, Karen Katz, Matt Grady, Pat Szarpa (Executive Director, Cooperstown Chamber of Commerce) and Teri Barown for planning events and working on making things run so smoothly.

An especially huge thank you to Kristen Griger. Kristen and Growing Community were working on a community dinner idea at the same time the village was planning the Fall for Cooperstown weekend. By folding their idea into ours, the weekend ended on the most beautiful note, with over 300 people sitting together, sharing food, talk and laughs on the most perfect of fall afternoons. Thanks also to Brewery Ommegang for donating cases of beer for our communal feast and to our Main Street neighbors for embracing the event despite the inconvenience of having the street closed in front of their homes. The event was made much easier by the generous loan of all the tables and chairs by The Farmers’ Museum. 

One of the dinner attendees said that when she came down Main Street from Middlefield, she almost began to cry at the vision of a crowd of people enjoying each other’s company and, by example, showing to each other what makes Cooperstown so wonderful a place to live. It was truly magnificent.

Jeff Katz

Mayor of Cooperstown

Sign has been removed again

Once again, I see that the pedestrian crossing sign at Chestnut and Beaver streets in Cooperstown has been illegally removed from its proper place in the street. This necessary sign reminds all drivers in that congested area that they must yield to pedestrians in the crosswalk. 

This particular crosswalk is heavily used throughout the year because it is the best legal crossing between most of the village and two of our favorite stores: Taylor’s (The Village Tower) and Stewart’s. In addition, it is the best crossing for those on the west side of Chestnut to access Badger Park, Price Chopper and the elementary and high school.

If you are moving this sign, shame on you. And stop it. 

In addition, I ask the village trustees to direct the village police and department of public works employees to reinstall the sign whenever it is removed.

John Odell


Support Hohensee for town board

Tom Hohensee has been expressing his concern and caring for town of Otsego residents long before his decision to extend that service by seeking to become a representative of the town of Otsego board. His long term involvement as a board member of both the Leatherstocking Education on Alcoholism /Addictions Foundation and Cooperstown Youth Soccer clearly demonstrates community activism and involvement.

Early on in our efforts to make the town of Otsego board aware of the dangers of fracking, when people were wondering what all the fuss was about or being skeptical about stopping the most powerful industry on earth from fracking NYS, Tom was in there making phone calls and collecting names on petitions to present to the town of Otsego board to give our concerns the gravity and seriousness they demanded.

Beyond his record of commitment to our community, Tom Hohensee brings a unique opportunity to Cooperstown and town of Otsego residents. He has lived in the town of Otsego many years and recently has moved to the village of Cooperstown. This dual perspective enables him to inform the town of Otsego board from both vantage points, bringing balance in decision making, synergies in government and avoiding misunderstandings.

It is a privilege for me to be able to support Tom Hohensee for town of Otsego Representative. Please consider voting for him on election day, Tuesday, Nov. 6.

John Kosmer

Town of Otsego

Leo Club off and running with 5K

The first Leo Club Halloween 5K Race on Sunday, October 14 at Gilmmerglass State Park was an enthusiastic start to raising $5,000 toward providing fresh water to residents of Rwanda, Africa, through their partnership with Charity Water. The Leo Club expresses its thanks for this support and will continue toward reaching its goal.

Results of the race are as follows: Shane Harrington, 24:56; Mike Rutledge, 25:07; Jake Burnham, 27:57; Mark Harmon, 28:04; Tom Hohensee, 28:20; James Patenaude, 31:07; Krista Shojahen, 31:12; Bella Anania, 31:22; Dara Omer, 31:25; Heath Macaluso, 33:21; Fred Schwarzhans, 33:25; Shyla Macaluso, 34:44; Freda Ceady, 34:48; Dylan Arnot, 35:53; Jill Maney, 36:08; Jackie Aroosian, 36:28; Russell Marcy, 36:31; Heather Graham, 37:24; Haley Martin, 37:32; Randall Martin, 37:32; Tom Arnot, 42:46; Mitchell Woodbeck, 43:03; Olivier Urayeneza, 44:54; Amanda Stanley, 45:59; Malcolm Stanley, 45:59; Bruce Daly, 47:07; Heather White, 49:08; Mia Macaluso, 50:07 and Lucy Ford, 52:14.

If you would like to contribute to this worthwhile project and help these youth raise the necessary funds, visit www. or contact Aidan Macaluso at or (862) 438-0879. 

The Cooperstown Leo Club is sponsored by the Cooperstown Lions Club. It consists of youth ages 12 to 18 who are devoted to helping communities locally and internationally. This particular project goal is to reach $5,000 to provide fresh water to a community in Rwanda.

Rich McCaffrey

Cooperstown Lions Club

I know of no hardship

Fostering concern for the physical environment leading to intelligent planning and preventing irreversible damage is not a travesty.

The Springfield Historical Society has been working on the proposal for historic district nomination on the Springfield Patent since about 1994. This patent granted to nine individuals in 1742 comprises most of the eastern portion of the Springfield township. At the public meeting hosted by Ken Ostrander last August, Kathleen LaFrank the State Historic Preservation Office representative stated that most areas consider it is an honor to be recognized as an historic district. It is to this end that we have continued to proceed with the nomination process.

It is true that Otsego 200 is supporting this historic district nomination. Otsego 2000 is a (501)(c)(3) organization; we are not.

Otsego 2000 is managing the revenues necessary for the project. I consider it natural and appropriate for the sponsors of the Glimmerglass District to support us. I know of no hardship that has been realized by any individual or local government in any of the surrounding towns of Cherry Valley, Otsego, Richfield or Roseboom. Historic District recognition, hopefully, will bring pride and will foster prudent use to Springfield land. I don’t think any of us wants to bring irreversible damage to our town or our Otsego Lake region.

Noel H. Dries, president

Springfield Historical Society

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