What I hope for my daughter

When you become a parent you instantly become a leader in a child’s life. No matter what kind of life the person had before he or she is now a crucial part in someone’s life.

Are some people more qualified than others for this position? Maybe yes or maybe no, but it does not matter because millions upon millions of people become parents, regardless or their personal background.

Parents are constantly telling their child (children) what is acceptable and unacceptable. The parent sets boundaries and makes rules so that the child will learn the things that the parent thinks are imperative to know.

So how does someone guide his or her children to be morally upright citizens, to give before they receive and to be grateful for all that they have?

The parent has to model that behavior for their children. The parent should be grateful and try to set the best example he or she can for his or her children. I also think it is important for parents to give their time and money to causes that they believe in and to encourage their children to do the same.

A question I keep wondering is how do I foster qualities of leadership in my little girl? I hope that not only will she share the same values that I do, she will somehow communicate her views to others and help to make a better world.

I want her to be a leader and an innovator and to try to amend the things that bother her most about the world.

I want her to enrich the world with her kindness, her joy and her talents.

The only resounding element that I think will help to guide her is balance. I hope she will have many great qualities but that most of all she will try to create harmony within herself and in her community. I want her to be confident to speak her mind and to do what is right but I also want her to have humility.

I want her to be educated and smart so she can research different issues and have informed opinions, but I do not want her to arrogant. I hope she will know that much can be learned from listening to others.

I hope she will be thoughtful and look at things from various perspectives and always remember to check in with her friends and loved ones.

I also hope she will be unafraid to create and to be bold. No change can come from doing things the same way as everyone else. I want her to make her mark, but I want her to be the one who decides what that means for her. I want her to be motivated by her passion.

Part of the problem with parenting is that it is hard to be able to take time to be introspective and come to terms with the negative things that we do that we probably will pass on to our children. That is unless we can try to change those things in ourselves.

Although most parents want their children to learn only the good things they teach their children, unfortunately children pick up on everything.

What attributes do I have that I hope my daughter will not have?

I hope that my daughter does not get my temper. I can be fiery at times and I wish I would never lose my cool or mutter bad words but sometimes they spill out.

I want to pick all the words up and shove them back into my mouth the second after I say them. But, I know it is a flaw of mine that need work.

Another thing I really hope she does not get is that I lack follow through. I start projects and I do not finish them. Or I say I will do something and then I don’t do it. It’s usually things like craft projects and other chores, but I just wish I could do the things I tell myself I need to get done.

I know no one person is perfect. Like any parent I just wish the best for her and I hope that she will have the courage to want the best for herself and others, even if it means ruffling a few feathers.

So even though I am flawed and I am in no way the best example, I know I will try my hardest to be the best parent I can be to my daughter. I have never cared more about anything in my life.

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