Coop bowlers win section, conference titles


The Cooperstown boys bowling team displays its banner for winning the Section III Class C/D title Sunday, Feb. 9, in Utica.  

Cooperstown won its first section title in bowling Sunday, Feb. 9, at Pinorama Lanes in Utica.

The Hawkeye boys team rolled a 2,769 in the first series and a 2,994 in the second series to win the Class C/D title.

“I couldn’t be more proud of the boys,” coach Thomas Parker said. “They bowled a fantastic six-game series and held our own against some class B schools.”

Derek Hochbrueckner led the team in the first series of three games, with a 249 high game and 639 series.

That was good enough for Cooperstown to take the lead, but the team did even better in the second half of the tournament, improving its team score by more than 200 points. Frank Wilsey led the team with a 667 series and a top game of 239.

Waterville placed second in the eight-team C/D field, 371 behind the Hawkeyes, with a total of 5,392 to Cooperstown’s 5,763.

Wilsey led the team with a six-game total of 1,262; Hochbrueckner had a total of 1,246. Ethan Lichtman had a total of 1,157 pins, including a game high of 223. Liam Ford had a six-game score of 1,057 and Jason Furnari totaled 1,041.

Furnari is a junior, but the other four bowlers are sophomores.

The bowling program was considered vulnerable to being cut by the school district this school year, but was approved for another season in the fall. Now, Parker, who is in his first year of coaching, said his team could be a title contender for several more years.

“We have four sophomores and one junior starting, so we are definitely looking forward to the next couple seasons,” he said.

CSC championship

Feb. 11

The Hawkeyes rolled on to another title Tuesday, winning the Center State Conference Tournament at King Pin Lanes in Rome.

Sophomore Derek Hochbruencker set a school record for high game with a 290 in his second game. Hochbruencker rolled a nine on his first frame, followed by 11 straight strikes. He had a three-game total of 631.

Hochbruencker was one of four Hawkeyes to top 600 in a three-game series. Frank Wilsey led the team with a 633, including 243 in his third game. Jason Funari had a three-game score of 627, including 256 in his second game. Ethan Lichtman rolled a total of 619. Liam Ford rounded out the Cooperstown scoring with a 548.

The Hawkeyes had a total of 3,058 pins. Waterville placed second in the 12-team tournament.

The Hawkeyes will return to King Pin Lanes on Thursday, Feb. 13, for the individual tournament.


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